Inspiration for the day (and the rest of the days of 2014)

I’ve officially joined the work force as a Senior Computicket/Admin assistant.

I got a job at a theatre as a senior ticket sales person, but I’m also going to write their media releases and help with the newsletters.

I’m working on my atelophobia – the fear of not being good enough – plus on my telephone skills. For those of you who doesn’t know if you suffer from atelophobia you tend to have a massive fear of picking up the phone and talking to strangers. But I’m surprisingly doing well in that department – every day gets better and better.

But I’m also extremely hard on myself and tend to feel like shit when I make mistakes. I’ve already had two pep talks with my boss – I’m so thankful because she is SO understanding and really cares. She wants to help me bring the best out of me, but I have to sort myself out first.

Here is some inspiration and advice to bring myself through the day (and the rest of the year). I like to share it with anyone who is prepared to listen:

I’ve recently started watching a reality series on BBC Entertainment called The Call Centre. It’s about an uncontroversial CEO of a telesales company and how he supports his young staff. Here’s two things that he says that will really help me:

–       Answer with a smile. “Happy people sell”. I have to learn to speak louder and in a lighter tone over the phone and especially to people that come in to buy tickets at the Computicket office. I’m an introvert and I’ve always been the frowning child. Most of the times people think I’m dour and dull when I’m actually just shy and very quiet.

–       “Some will. Some won’t. So what. Next!”

I can really apply this to my “telesales”.  Some days it will seem that everything goes hunky dory and that our customers and my boss will be satisfied with my work. But some days – and this is inevitable – I will have a crap day fraught with mistakes and customers that won’t be so pleased with me. I really need to make peace with the idea that I will make mistakes and I shouldn’t dread or fear of making them. That brings me to my next three points:

–       Don’t fret about your mistakes. Learn from them and          move on.

–       Stop trying to please everyone!

–       Nobody’s perfect!

–       Stop taking yourself so seriously. No one else does.

This is especially true when I’m distraught about my stupid mistakes – I tend to blow them up to tremendous size – and then my boss tells me it’s not the end of the world.

And most important: Stop comparing yourself to others!!!!!!!!!

I’m so guilty in this regard because my colleague that has been appointed in the junior position has more experience than I do and she has no trouble in working with customers. She also has already brought many cool ideas to the table (so to speak) on how to make our work system better and easier.

I’m just scared in that her taking on more and more responsibilities and I’m just coming to grips with the basics it looks like she should have been put in the more senior position. The fact that I haven’t signed the contract yet makes me even more nervous.

Last but not least: Be yourself!

I have to learn to trust people and show them who I really can be and who I really want to be. I’m so sick and tired of being scared of what others will think of me. That is another hard lesson that I have to learn to swallow:

It’s none of my business what others think of me.

I have to work on the image I portray to others around me, because right now it’s not painting a very positive picture. I have to throw my negative thoughts away and start telling myself more that:

–       I AM beautiful!

–       I AM worth it!!

–       I CAN do this!!!


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  1. I really enjoyed this entry! Thank you so much for sharing!! 🙂

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