My pet hates – day 7 blog challenge

I have three pets: two dogs and a cat.

Noenoes is the oldest (10-11 dog years). I got her from the SPCA.

She hates the cat, but not as much as Pinky does.

What I hate: I hate it when she keeps on licking Pinky all over until Pinky smells like a wet dog.

When Noenoes and Pinky fights, Noenoes bites Pinky and licks up the blood from the wounds. Sometimes I really think she is a vampire.



Pinky is 4-5 years old. She is a Gotcha-special. My brother used to work at Gotcha Paintball as a marshall and there was this stray dog that got pregnant. Pinky ended up not able finding a home and she was dumped at our house. My mom and I weren’t very happy about that, but we grew accustomed to her and now I love her too much to give her away.

Pinky hates the cat with a morbid fascination. We have to keep the dogs and cat seperated. The cat is confined to the bedrooms and the dogs are restricted to the living room and kitchen. The hall way door separates the  bedrooms from the living room. But what Pinky will usually do is park herself in front of the door and as soon as she hears or smells the cat she goes berserk. Sometimes somebody (my dad!) forgets to shut the door and she slips through chasing the cat under the bed. The cat scrathes her, she yelps and runs away, but she always comes back.

Pinky also hates it when I hit her or try to discipline her and she usually takes it out on Noenoes.

She also hates new years eve and all the fireworks. She goes berserk. This years she hid under my mom’s sewing shelf.



Meowme-moo! was a yard special – literally! A stray cat became pregnant and had her litter in our yard. Meowe is the only one that survived on his own and little by little became used to us and adopted us.

He hates it when I reprimand him by hitting him on his nose. Dan wip hy sy gat en loop weg. (Then he walks away with his arse held up high angry with me).

What I hate: when he (for no reason at all) bore his nails into my arms. I had to walk around with bandages. It looked like a failed suicide attempt.


Still, they’re my babies and my best friends. I love them so much!


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