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I got this when I had to research something for one of my subjects while at university.  These are taken from the Dictionary of Symbols and Imagery:

Evil Eye: often oddly-set, or coloured eyes indicate that they have the power of the Evil Eye, whether possessor wants it or not; to avert unwanted harm being done, the possessor must look at something unimportant the first thing in the morning.  There are innumerable charms against it, E. for silver coins placed on the eyes of the dead; v. silver.

Gremlin: “Folklore latest of mischievous fairies: they caused disasters to pilotes in WWII (though discovered in WWI) their evil influence is undone by carrying an empty beer bottle, into which they will always creep, and thus are kept from doing harm.

nightmare: “The Night Mare is one of the cruelest aspects of the White Goddess. Her nests, when one comes across them in dreams, lodged in rock-clefts or the branches of enormous hollow yews, are built of carefully chosen twigs, lined with the white horse-hair and the plumage of prophetic birds and littered with the jaw bones and entrails of poets.”

(Jeez, these people were crazy back then!)

The prophet Job said of her: “She dwelleth and abideth upon the rock. Her young ones also suck up blood.”


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