Here’s to getting to know me a little better – Day 2

20 facts about me:



  1. I have 47 chromosones. I could have been a Down Syndrome kid.
  2. I was a miracle child. My mom adopted my brother after three miscarriages. Then she found out she was pregnant with me!
  3. If this were the Middle Ages, I’d be considered a witch:
  • I have a birthmark (they believed it was a sign of the devil)
  • I have a black cat as a pet (black cats were seen as witches familiars – supernatural entities believed to assist witches and cunning folk in their practice of magic).


  • I have a fascination with frogs (but won’t touch or kiss them)
  • I am somewhat of a hermit (I don’t go out a lot)
  • my awful looking face (I’m a skin picker – Dermatillomaniac)

I’m not sure If I should count that last one as one fact or six.

4.  I played the violin for 11 years. I’m seriously tempted to start again (I haven’t played since my jaw reconstruction op last year November)

my violin

5.  I’ve been reading ever since I can remember. I can’t go to sleep at night without reading something.

6.  I weighed 47 kg throughout high school. And I wanted to remain 47 kg my whole life, but after a while I got over it.

7.  I have very small hands and feet.

8.  When I write I hold the pen between my middle finger and my ring-finger on my right hand.

9.  Because of that I have a callus on my right hand ring-finger since primary school.

10.  I hated most of my childhood, but I miss the innocence of it.

11.  I’m a loner. (I’m very selfish with my time and space).

12.  I live myself into stories and their characters (whether in books, TV series, films or my own stories and dreams).

13.  I can sing like the flea in Looney Tunes. I have a pretty good imitation: “Food round the corner…”

14.  I write nonsense poems.

15.  I’m a very sensitive person and I hate criticism

16.   I love word puzzles.

17.  Sometimes I like the soundtracks more than the story of my favourite films.

18.  My teeth and mouth is worth a lot of money. All the years of wearing braces and the op.

19.  I’m allergic to sweat (No just kidding, but I hate sweating so I hate exercising and hot summer days).

20.  I find drunk people very dull, so I don’t drink a lot at all. I don’t drink beer or wine.


About dada4nonsense

I am a 23 year old (at heart) who loves anything nonsensical

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