Those dreaded questions

I have as of yet another interview tomorrow and I’m so not looking forward to it. I know they are going to ask me those dreaded questions… I always go blank, because I know I can’t tell them what’s on my mind. So I quickly have to make something up.

Why did you apply for this job?

What I’m thinking: Uhm… because it is something I’ve studied, the money is looking pretty good and I don’t need prior experience. (Duh!) But I can’t tell them that, now can I?

What I say: I think this will be a great opportunity where I can develop my skills as an editor.


Why do you think your the perfect man for the job?

What I’m thinking: Uh.. I don’t!

What I say: I’m young, I’m fresh out of university, I’m hard working, I’m loyal. (What more do you want?! I don’t say that )


Why did you decide to study journalism or editing/why did you decide to become a journalist or editor:

What I’m thinking: Uh.. I want to be a writer, but my mom says I need a job. This is the closest I can get, don’t you think?

Or: Ek kan nie ’n dokter word nie, want ek sal uitpass van die bloed, ek is nie ’n onderwyser nie want ek sal die kinders vermoor en ek sal sielsongelukkig wees as ek ’n boekhouer sou word.

What I say: I love languages. I love writing. I love reading. 

Such clichés. Sometimes I want to do an experiment and answer with what I’m thinking and see what happens. Do interviewers appreciate honesty or little white lies? Here’s another one:


Where do you see yourself over 10 years?

What I’m thinking: I don’t even know where I’m going to be tomorrow and now you want me to tell my future? Actually I don’t want to live that long, I definitely don’t want to get married, I don’t want kids (I definitely can’t tell them that!)

What I say: I want to be in a permanent job position, earning good money maybe paying off a house… (Apparently according to my friends this is what interviewers want to hear).


Why did you choose our company?

What I’m thinking: Uh… Because you’ve advertised for a junior copy editor (Duh!)

 What I say: It’s in Centurion, Pretoria (not far from where I’m staying).

I’m so not looking forward to tomorrow. I’m also writing a mini test so I better refresh my memory with everything I’ve learnt in my courses at Uni. Wish me luck!




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