I have a job!

When I got up last night to go to the toilet for the umpteenth time (I have a bladder problem) I glanced at my phone to see what time it is (I’m a very paranoid sleeper). I noticed that I have two emails. Why, o why did I decide to read it then? Why didn’t I go back to sleep and read it when I woke up? Because of the one email I couldn’t go back to sleep.

The email stated that a new newspaper has accepted to use my services as a freelance journalist. I immediately began to worry. Oh dear! What if I can’t think of good ideas to write about, etc. etc. What have I done?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m extremely thrilled about the opportunity. It beats sitting at home applying for jobs, going to interviews and getting rejected for who knows whatever reason. I’m just so nervous. Will I be able to do a good job? What if I fail as a freelance journalist? What if it gets me a bad name?

When I told my mom she was thrilled. She hugged me. That was nice. But it didn’t take the worries away.

Now it also sounds like the company wants me to be their sales representative. I hate the idea. It’s almost as bad as working in a call center. I know I would loathe a job like that and that’s why I stayed away from such job adverts. Okay, maybe I was once approached for a call center job and it was very tempting. But also very dangerous. I know I will become even more depressed if I have to sell ad space to companies. Let’s just face it: there are just some things you know that you’ll never be able to do. For example I know I’ll never be able to be a doctor or nurse, because I faint at the slightest thought or sight of blood. I know I’ll never be able to be a teacher, because I just break out in a sweat if I have to talk in front of five people at the time. And I also know I won’t be able to be a sales representative.

So far, I have three ideas for articles.

I also hope I’ll be able to write columns for them. I remember the job ad expressly asking for that. I know I can do that. That’ll be a dream come true


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  1. Go for it and remember that you are already a writer…

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