I’ve just ruined my face again.

Oops! It couldn’t come at a better time too. Next week Wednesday is my graduation and I don’t think any make up will be able to cover up the damage. Also the added stress of being rejected for jobs ain’t helping. Then again, who would want to hire someone with this face? Any other dermatillomaniacs having this problem?


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  1. I am “lucky” enough to not pick where others would see it unless looking closely. Having said that, most people might notice something on your face at first…but if you can at all divert their attention with your enthusiasm and personality, then it is likely they will stop noticing cosmetic things and pay attention to you. Of course, if you are trying to work for a place that values perfect skin/makeup etc, then that is probably not the career for you. All I can tell you is that the more you focus on the perceived problem, the more others will notice. The more you focus on your inner self, the more people will notice that instead.

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