Sometimes I can be such a drama queen!

Okay, here’s the real reason I dreaded the interview yesterday. I have this huge fear of travelling – especially alone. I keep thinking I will get lost. I think up all this crazy scenarios where everything can go wrong and then I end up having sleepless nights and curling up like a big baby on my mother’s lap.


The fear of travelling is also called Hodophobia. It’s the fear to travel to new places or leave home at all. This can also extend to visiting foreign lands. This phobia can be counteracted by planning and organisation:

  • plan your route
  • learn what to expect
  • visualize
  • rest and hydrate
  • do not take sleeping pills!
  • take a friend.

I wish I could have taken someone with me, but this was a task I had to do alone. I guess in a way all that worrying made me prepared. I had every single step planned in my head. What could happen and how I would deal with it. I just had a moment of panic when I only had ten minutes until the interview would start and I didn’t know how to get from the Sandton Gautrain station to Sandton City Mall. Luckily, the people who interviewed me were very understanding. Thank heavens I timed it perfectly.


The fear of travelling can be substantiated by these reasons:

  1. The fear of leaving things behind for example your pets. That’s one thing I dread of going away on holiday, is leaving them behind. And of course, I miss them.
  2. Fear of not reaching your destination or not being able to return home.
  3. Fear of losing your security.
  4. Fear of unknown
  5. Fear of opening our minds.
  6. Fear of not being able to communicate effectively.
  7. Getting lost
  8. Losing your luggage and/or missing your flight.

We (I/others that suffer from this) should be willing to broadening our horizons and knowledge of the world not previously known by us. When you can finally do this, the reward can be very satisfying.



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