How big is a whale’s poop?

Sometimes I just really get this crazy ideas and questions in my head.  Last year I came up with this one: “Does a whale poop? And if so, how big is it?” Turns out, it’s huge!  And it floats! 


It is made up of loose particles, that are fluffy or woolly in nature.  And it is actually very good for the environment! Before whaling, nitrogen was distributed 3 times more across the gulf of Maine.   

Their poop is also a big rationale behind iron fertilization: Geo-engineers use it to counteract global warming.



Now I’m hearing that their making a special tea out of panda’s poop. Where are we going next?! I would never drink something derived from an animal’s poop let alone put it in my mouth!


Here is a sport in South Africa where the competitors put “bokdrolletjies”/antilope/goat poop in their mouths and see how far they can spit it. Their all nuts if you ask me!


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