Favourite Nickelodeon shows

  1. Double dare 2000
  2. Hey Arnold!
  3. Angry Beavers
  4. Kenan and Kel (Who loves Orange Soda? Kel loves Orange Soday! Is that true? Hmm-mm. I do I do I do oeee!)
  5. Figure it out
  6. The legends of the hidden temple
  7. All that
  8. Rug Rats
  9. Oh yeah cartoons
  10. Catdog
  11. Kablam
  12. The journey of Allan Strange
  13. The adventures of Pete and Pete
  14. Cousin Skeeter
  15. The wild Thornberry’s 
  16. Rocko’s modern life
  17. Clarissa explains it all
  18. Rocket Power
  19. As told by Ginger
  20. My brother and me
  21. The Amanda Show
  22. The brothers Garcia
  23. The Nick Cannon show
  24. Noah knows best
  25. Global guts
  26. Lizzy McGuire

Maybe there’s more but that’s all I have right now.





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