The Best villainess ever and my favourite!

Milady de Winter


She is a fictional character from Alexandre Dumas (1844) novel “The Three Musketeers” (I’m reading it at the moment).  She is a capable and beautiful spy for Cardinal Richelieu and is one of the chief antagonists of the story.

Milady is remorseless and unrepentant for her countless “misdeeds”.

Later in the novel it is revealed that she was the wife of Athos (I’ll comment on this later). As a teenager she was forced to enter the convent. She falls in love with a priest and escapes with stolen church property to find their new life.

She was with a man in Athos’s village, and pretending to be his sister when Athos, a nobleman (the Comte de La Fère) fell in love with her and despite her obscure origins, married her.

One day he discovers the brand on her shoulder and identifies her as a convicted criminal.  Thinking that she had married him only for his money, and feeling dishonered, Athos hanged her from a tree on the spot, but she survived.

After being expelled by Athos, she winds up in the employ of Cardina Richelieu, working as his spy, assassin and messenger.  She steals the jewels that Anne of Austria, wife of King Louis XIII, entrusted to her lover, the English minister, Duke of Buckingham, but the intended scandal is averted.

D’Artagnan himself later meets Milady and falls under her spell, though he also pursues an affair with her maid, Kitty.

Cardinal Richelieu and Milady plans to assassinate Buckingham, but the Musketeers help him and Milady is arrested.  She seduces her jailer, John Felton.

Felton proceeds to murder the Duke (a historical event), but after carrying out the murder he is aghast to see Milady’s ship sailing away without him.  He is later hanged.

Returning to France, Milady murders d’Artagnan’s lover, Constance Bonacieux, when the two happen upon one another in a convent.  

The Musketeers and Lord de Winter (her hostile brother-in-law) hunt Milady and track her at Lille, where she is beheaded after a trial.

Her Alias’s:

  • Charlotte Backson
  • Anne de Breuil (the name by which Athos knew Milady when he met her)
  • Comtesse de La Fère (title and name Milady assumed when she married Athos, 
  • Milady de Winter, Baroness of Sheffield (her general name).
  • Lady Clarick, variation on previous name. Some translations translated it as Clarisse, or Clarice.

I love Milla Jovovich who plays Milady in the 2011 film “The three musketeers”.  She is both sexy and dangerous.


I love her costumes and dresses!

Now, the first time I became acquainted with Milady is when I was still a child watching the Afrikaans kids series “Brakanjan”.  Milady is a cat and the rest of the “cast” are different dog breeds. When I think back now, it must have been awkward if Milady and Athos were married in the kids series, because she was a cat and he a dog. But I think they left that plotline out of the story.




I also quickly want to comment on the name d’Artagnan, dogtanian, brakanjan. D’Artagnan means “from Artagnan”, Artagnan being a town in southwestern France. For the kids series they probably decided to change it to Dogtanian, because he is a dog in the series. “Brakanjan” means dog and is derived from “brak”. Also the German form of musketeer, musketier, the -tier means animal.

The kids series was originally in Spanish and the cartoon made in Japan by Nippon Animation. The series was adapted in South Africa with an Afrikaans voice over.

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