My gly in interviews

I’m on the verge of my life where I’m done studying and have to get a job somewhere. But I loathe the idea of interviews.  I hate the idea of selling myself to strangers.  I hate the idea of not being able to tell them who I really am (because if I do, I can guarantee that I’ll never get the job).

I try to follow the advice from my friends: be self-confident.  I have the most issues with that.  Because of my atenophobia (fear of not being good enough) I don’t have a lot of confidence in myself.  I’m always afraid they will catch me in an error.

Also when they ask me personal questions I go blank.

The idea of trying to impress people and still be yourself is an idea I have not fully grasped.

I have a BA degree in Journalism and a BA Hons degree in Translation and Professional writing. The job interviews I usually go to, the people usually tell me I’m too quiet.  The fact is I loathe being loud.  I have a fear of being loud.  Sometimes my car’s engine is too loud for me.  Not all journalists have to be loud and talk all the time, do they? I loathe that stereotype.  Maybe I should bring it up in my next interview and see what happens.


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